2024 Roadmap: Electric Shifts, Charging Challenges, and Innovations in Motoring

Eddie Cunningham’s article in the Irish Independent, "Higher tolls, more electric vehicles and fears over tyres – what lies on the road ahead for motoring in 2024?" offers a speculative look into the future of motoring. Here’s a review of the key points:

Predictions for Motoring in 2024:

  1. Increase in Electric Vehicles (EVs): Expect a surge in the number of EVs, with expansions in existing ranges and the introduction of more individual models and derivatives, especially smaller and more affordable models by European brands to counter the influx of competitively priced Chinese brands like MG and BYD.
  2. Decline of Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs): A continuing trend is anticipated with the decline of petrol and diesel cars, with some brands already excluding diesel from their line-ups.
  3. Return of Physical Buttons in Cars: Manufacturers may start reintroducing physical buttons in car interiors, moving away from the heavy reliance on digital interfaces.
  4. Development in Battery Technology: The article suggests we might learn more about solid-state batteries, which are expected to offer longer ranges and safer usage but might not be commercially available until after 2024.
  5. Charging Infrastructure Challenges: Public frustration might grow due to insufficient charging points for the increasing number of EVs, especially during long journeys.
  6. Tesla's Charging Network: Tesla may continue to open its high-powered charging stations to non-Tesla EVs.
  7. Toll Increases and Inflation: Another rise in tolls is predicted, potentially linked to inflation rates.
  8. Advancements in Self-Driving Technology: More cars with higher degrees of self-driving capabilities are expected, focusing more on safety rather than glamour.
  9. Focus on Tyre Pollution: Tyres may receive more attention as major pollutants due to particles released from their contact with the road, possibly surpassing tailpipe emissions in environmental impact.
  10. Potential for a Scrappage Scheme: The article speculates about the possibility of a scheme to retire older, more polluting cars, although this is more conjecture than a firm prediction.
  11. Car Shopping Advice: With the easing of new car supply shortages, consumers are advised to carefully select cars that meet their preferences and to compare specifications, safety, comfort, emissions, and boot size. The article also recommends careful consideration of finance options and depreciation, especially for EVs.

Cunningham's article provides a thought-provoking look at the potential developments in the automotive industry for 2024, blending predictions with practical advice for car buyers.

Read the full article here: Higher tolls, more electric vehicles and fears over tyres – what lies on the road ahead for motoring in 2024?