Boost Ireland's EV Sales: Climate Watchdog Calls for Urgent Measures

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The Climate Change Advisory Council has stressed the need for urgent measures to increase electric vehicle (EV) sales in Ireland, citing the country's current transport emissions as significantly off target. To address this, the Council has called for a comprehensive review of transport-related taxes, aiming to reduce the use of petrol and diesel vehicles.

Key concerns include a rise in petrol and diesel demand and a decline in EV sales, which threaten Ireland's emissions targets. The Council recommends reforms to vehicle registration tax, motor tax, excise duty, carbon tax, and fuel pricing, all to be implemented by the end of 2025.

Marie Donnelly, Chair of the Council, highlighted the importance of supporting sustainable transport choices and improving public transport efficiency. Without increased EV adoption, Ireland faces continued dependence on carbon-intensive vehicles, jeopardizing its emission reduction goals.

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Key Points:

  • Immediate action required to boost EV sales.
  • Comprehensive review of transport taxes proposed.
  • Positive trends in public transport use noted.
  • Emphasis on sustainable community planning.

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