BYD's Affordable Electric Cars Make Waves in the Irish Market

Eddie Cunningham's article in the Irish Independent, titled "Chinese EV maker BYD setting a hot pace on price," discusses the impact of Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD on the Irish market with its competitively priced models. Here's a review of the key points:

Highlights from the Article:

  1. BYD's Market Impact: BYD is significantly influencing the Irish EV market, particularly with its pricing strategy. The company's entry competes with established models like the MG4 and VW ID.3.
  2. BYD’s Model Line-up: The lineup includes the Dolphin hatchback, the large sporty saloon Seal, and the already available ATTO 3 SUV. These models come in four trim levels: Active, Boost, Comfort, and Design.
  3. Pricing and Battery Options: The Dolphin hatchback Active spec with a 44.9 kWh battery (340km range) is priced from €25,570, available in the second quarter of the next year. Comfort and Design models with larger 60.4 kWh batteries (427km claimed range) are already available, starting at €29,318 and €31,192, respectively.
  4. Charging Speed and Specifications: The cars feature a fast charging speed of 29 minutes from 30% to 80%. Standard specifications include various safety systems, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree panoramic visibility, a heat pump, and a 3.3kW external discharge ‘vehicle-to-load’ facility.
  5. Driving Experience: Cunningham's brief test drive notes good space in the front and rear but mentions some cabin plastics are hard and bland. The gear knob and other buttons are unusually placed, and the ‘sport seats’ are made from vegan leather.

This article highlights BYD's competitive edge in the EV market, particularly in terms of pricing and the variety of models offered, indicating a growing trend of affordable EV options for consumers.

Read the full article here: Chinese EV maker BYD setting a hot pace on price