EV Transition in Ireland: Balancing Reduced Costs with Range Anxiety Concerns

Amy Blaney's article in the Irish Independent, "Most EV drivers say costs down after switching, but ‘range anxiety’ a concern, according to survey," offers a comprehensive look at the current state of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Ireland. Here's a review of the key points:

  • Cost Reductions Post-Switch: About 85% of EV drivers in Ireland report reduced running costs compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars. This significant decrease in operating expenses highlights one of the primary advantages of EVs.
  • Persistent Concerns: Despite the cost benefits, there are still hesitations about switching to EVs. These include range anxiety (fear of running out of battery power), higher initial purchase costs, and a general preference for traditional fuel vehicles.
  • Satisfaction and Reluctance Among Drivers: While 62% of Irish car buyers are satisfied with EVs and don’t plan to return to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, a notable 33% still prefer petrol and diesel cars for their next purchase.
  • The Issue of Range Anxiety: 55% of EV drivers have experienced range anxiety since transitioning from ICE vehicles. The concern about the battery running out before reaching the destination or a charging point remains significant.
  • Charging Infrastructure and EV Affordability: The lack of charging stations and the high cost of EVs compared to traditional cars are significant deterrents for potential buyers. About 27% of car buyers consider high prices as the main obstacle to purchasing an EV.
  • Market Trends and New Entrants: The article notes the rise in popularity of new EV models in the Irish market, such as the BYD Atto 3 and MG4. This diversification in the market could provide more options for buyers at different price points.
  • Barriers to Wider Adoption: The survey identified several barriers to widespread EV adoption, including the lack of charging infrastructure, inability to charge at home, doubts over residual value, and range anxiety.
  • Increasing Demand: Despite these concerns, there's an upward trend in EV demand, with a 73% increase in new EVs on DoneDeal in October compared to the previous year. The Volkswagen ID.4 remains the most popular new car across all fuel types.

The DoneDeal survey, which involved 937 car buyers, highlights a complex landscape of EV adoption in Ireland. While there's growing interest and satisfaction among EV users, concerns about range, charging infrastructure, and cost continue to influence the decision-making process of potential buyers.

Read the full article here: Most EV drivers say costs down after switching, but ‘range anxiety’ a concern, according to survey