Ford Revives the Iconic Capri as an Electric Sports Crossover

Original Article by Eddie Cunningham

Ford is set to stir up nostalgia with its upcoming electric vehicle, potentially named the Capri. Based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, this new sports crossover aims to combine the charm of the classic Capri with modern electric technology.

A Nostalgic Revival

The original Capri, beloved by many for its driving experience, is making a comeback in an electric avatar. The new model is expected to be a companion to the larger Ford Explorer and will compete with models like the Peugeot e-3008, Volkswagen ID 5, and Volvo C40. Although Ford has not officially confirmed the name, spy shots suggest that the Capri is indeed on its way.

Advanced Production Facilities

Production of the new Explorer SUV, alongside the anticipated Capri, is taking place at Ford's new Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre in Germany. Ford has invested €1.8 billion in this state-of-the-art facility, which boasts cutting-edge AI technology and over 600 robots, promising unprecedented levels of quality.

Market Impact and Expectations

The revival of the Capri name is expected to generate significant excitement among automotive enthusiasts, tapping into the rich heritage of the original model. As Ford continues to expand its electric vehicle lineup, the Capri is poised to attract a new generation of eco-conscious drivers while invoking fond memories for long-time fans.


The upcoming electric Capri, with its blend of nostalgic appeal and modern innovation, is set to make a significant impact in the EV market. As you consider your next electric vehicle, remember that reliable charging solutions are essential. EGO EV chargers provide efficient and dependable charging options, ensuring your EV is always ready for the road.