How Long Does My EV Battery Last in Real-World Conditions?

Original Article by Geraldine Herbert

Understanding the real-world battery range of electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial for potential buyers. The Norwegian EV Range Test, also known as ‘El Prix,’ offers valuable insights. Organized by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF), it is the world’s largest EV range test, conducted twice a year in winter and summer.

What is ‘El Prix’?

‘El Prix’ tests the range of EVs on Norway’s roads under real-world conditions. In January, temperatures ranged from -2°C to -10°C. EVs departed fully charged and followed an identical route to measure the distance each car can travel before the battery is depleted, comparing this figure to the official WLTP range.

Key Findings from the Tests

During the winter test, the best-performing EV lost only about 6% of its range, while the worst experienced a 32% drop. In the summer, some EVs exceeded their WLTP range, with many losing less than 10km. These results highlight the need for accurate consumer information on expected range, especially in cold weather.

NAF Recommendations for Car Makers

Based on the findings, the NAF urges the car industry to adopt these practices for more accurate range information:

  1. Use WLTP Range for Combined Driving: This gives consumers a realistic expectation of what to expect in real-world conditions.
  2. Estimate Realistic Winter Range: In the absence of a “winter WLTP” test, manufacturers should provide a realistic winter range estimate.
  3. Show WLTP Range Based on Trims: The equipment level significantly affects a car’s range.
  4. Disclose Net Battery Capacity: This helps consumers understand the actual performance of their EV.
  5. Advertise Charge Time from 10% to 80% SOC: Providing this information allows consumers to better plan their charging needs.

Top Performers

In the winter test, the BMW i5 was the best-performing EV sold in Ireland, followed by the Kia EV9 and Mercedes-Benz EQE. During the summer, the Tesla Model S, Nissan Ariya, and MG5 exceeded their WLTP range.


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