Michelin Connected Fleet Partners with Scottish Water for EV Transition

Michelin Connected Fleet, a leader in fleet management solutions, has embarked on a four-year partnership with Scottish Water, a prominent provider of water and wastewater services serving over 5 million customers across diverse regions in Scotland. This strategic collaboration is poised to significantly enhance the performance of Scottish Water's extensive fleet and facilitate the company's swift transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

As part of this transformative initiative, Scottish Water is set to implement Michelin Connected Fleet's cutting-edge technologies across its multifaceted fleet, which includes 1,300 vans, more than 200 trucks and trailers, and 500 specialized pieces of plant machinery. This comprehensive deployment is scheduled to take place over the next six months and aligns seamlessly with Scottish Water's ambitious environmental objectives.

The primary focus of this partnership is to empower Scottish Water with the necessary tools and insights to make critical decisions regarding the transition to EVs. Michelin Connected Fleet's advanced suite of solutions will play a pivotal role in analyzing battery charging and range performance data, enabling Scottish Water to optimize its electric vehicle operations efficiently.

Furthermore, these tools are designed to promote positive changes in driver behavior, emphasizing safety and efficiency throughout Scottish Water's operations. Fleet Manager Elaine Pringle underscored the invaluable role of these fleet management tools in facilitating the EV transition. She highlighted their reporting capabilities, which provide essential insights for the introduction of EVs and the planning of requisite charging infrastructure. Pringle emphasized the potential for enhanced vehicle utilization, cost reductions, route optimization, and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

The partnership between Michelin Connected Fleet and Scottish Water builds upon the success of a two-year trial period during which Michelin Connected Fleet's EV transition tools facilitated the replacement of over 100 internal combustion engine-powered vans with electric vehicles. Scottish Water's optimism regarding this long-term partnership stems from these initial achievements, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

Gilson Santiago, CEO of Michelin Connected Fleet, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration and emphasized the role of their connected fleet management tools in advancing sustainable fleet operations. Santiago highlighted the invaluable nature of their services and data insights in Scottish Water's ongoing EV transition program, reaffirming the shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

This strategic alliance represents a substantial advancement in the utility sector's journey towards sustainability and operational efficiency. It serves as a notable example for other industry players, demonstrating the possibilities and benefits of embracing electric vehicle technology to achieve environmental goals.

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