New BEV Registrations Drop for Fourth Consecutive Month: A Call to Action for Improved Charging Infrastructure

Original Article by Eddie Cunningham

Registrations of new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have declined for the fourth month in a row, reflecting growing concerns among buyers. In May 2024, only 1,044 BEVs were registered, a significant 39.1% decrease compared to 1,715 registrations in May 2023. This drop has contributed to a reduced market share for BEVs, now standing at 13% for 2024, down from 17% last year.

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) reports that a total of 10,062 new electric cars have been registered this year, marking a 21.8% decline from the 12,875 registered during the same period in 2023. Despite overall market growth with a 3.8% increase in new registrations for January-May 2024, the decline in BEV registrations is concerning.

Market Trends and Consumer Behavior

Interestingly, used car imports have surged, with a 22.9% increase in May 2024 compared to May 2023. Petrol cars remain the most popular, accounting for one-third of new sales, followed by diesel, petrol-electric hybrids, BEVs, and plug-in hybrids.

SIMI Director General Brian Cooke emphasized the need for government intervention to reassure private buyers about their investments in BEVs. He called for extending current incentives and enhancing the charging infrastructure to boost consumer confidence. Additionally, Cooke highlighted the importance of supporting the company car market and delaying the phase-out of the BIK concession until EVs become more established.

Implications for EGO EV

As BEV sales struggle, ensuring reliable and accessible charging infrastructure becomes crucial. EGO EV chargers can play a pivotal role in this landscape by providing efficient and dependable charging solutions. By integrating EGO EV chargers into their daily routines, EV owners can alleviate range anxiety and enjoy a seamless driving experience.