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With the rapid roll out of EVs in Ireland, your next fleet will be electric. To manage your EV Fleet successfully, you need to make sure of two things – keeping your vehicles moving and ensuring certified energy whenever you need it. EGO EV takes care of both sides of the equation for you. When it comes to your EV charging needs, we have the solution for you.

Your tailored EV fleet management solution

Managing a fleet of vehicles often requires installing a significant number of chargers. However, the existing electrical infrastructure may not always support the power needs of all these chargers, and upgrading the infrastructure can be a costly endeavor.

That's where EGO EV's energy management solutions come into play. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to take control and align the energy supply precisely with your fleet's demand. In your various locations, we help you optimize the use of limited power capacity, whether it's for the chargers themselves or the building's infrastructure, all while ensuring your fleet's charging needs are met with top priority.

EGO EV's intelligent energy management solutions, including Dynamic Load Management (DLM) and Adaptive Load Management (ALM), seamlessly handle power capacity, while our solutions allocate charging power to your fleet, ensuring efficient and cost-effective charging.

With EGO EV, you can achieve balance between your fleet's charging requirements and your electrical infrastructure's capabilities, reducing costs and ensuring your fleet remains charged and ready to hit the road

Your tailored EV fleet management solution

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